A Tiny Horror Story

A Tiny Horror Story iconA TINY HORROR STORY 

A Tiny Horror Story is an experimental endless runner/rpg/adventure/hidden object game hybrid. Run, run, run, collect hearts, buy upgrades and advance the story. Find out where you are, what happened to your girlfriend, and why you are where you are. 

Can you discover what happened to your girlfriend? 


Runner mode: 
Tap the left side of the screen to jump. If you have acquired a weapon, use it by tapping the right side of the screen. 

Adventure mode: 
Tap the screen to move to that position. Buy upgrades with hearts that you have collected in runner mode, by tapping the "Buy" buttons on the top of the screen. These upgrades give you new abilities in runner mode! 

Find hidden memories and papers, at your leisure. 

- Endless runner 
- RPG -type upgrades 
- A mixture between an endless runner, a rpg, a hidden object game, and an adventure game 
- Collect hearts, upgrade your character 
- Follow an interesting storyline 
- Cool ye olde graphics 
- Monsters to defeat/avoid 
- Search for hidden clues to advance the story


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Available on the App Store


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