Cauldron & Critters

candcAll is quiet in your forest. As a hedgehog of particular tastes, you enjoy the simpler things in life: eating and sleeping. Not necessarily in this order.




Then, much to your shock and horror, a large group of critters enters your forest! Critters, if you did not know this, have absolutely no manners. 


Sleeping is no longer an option for you, and even food tastes like old socks.

After several nights of restlessness, you finally decide to get rid of these critters… Once and for all!

Time to fetch your berries, warm up your cauldron, and get them all out of your forest!


Cauldron & Critters: Destruction and mayhem in a cute package!




- Multiple worlds of physics based puzzle fun, and more to come via updates

- Hours of gameplay

- Intuitive touch controls

- Colorful cartoonish graphics

- A puzzler with a twist: RPG -style upgrades and experience points

- Funny soundtrack

- Statistics of your progress in your quest

- Earn stars based on your success in the levels

- Find hidden Bimboole -critters around the world…And smash them!



Have fun and get those critters!


Cauldron & Critters on the App Store



24.2.2012 Cauldron and Critters received a score of 4/5 at Reco Reviews!

"...Overall this app is very colourful, cheerful, and entertaining. The music is appealing to the ear

and there is a strong presence of a storyline throughout the game.

The game appeals well to a wide target audience..."



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